About us

When you wear one of our bags you will get stopped a lot by people asking "where did you get that bag" due to their unique style and and the quality of our leatherwork. Lee Mattocks leather bags have become conversation pieces as well as functional accessories due to our innovative design and attention to detail. Lee Mattocks makes traditional handcrafted leather accessories without any intensive factory processes, unfair labour conditions or damaging chemical waste disposal which can harm the environment. This has been made possible through responsible sourcing and by the invention of unique seams and designs.

 Lee’s craft practice often attracts an ethically minded customer that wants an alternative to trend led and environmentally damaging fast fashion. Through promoting craftsmanship and the invention of a ‘factory free’ seam design and manufacture, Lee’s work meets a growing demand for responsibly made fashion. Craft and new technology allow products to be made slowly and responsibly. Lee hopes to encourage people to opt for these new alternatives through his innovative use of creative pattern cutting and traditional craftsmanship with a contemporary twist.

Lee’s work has been recognised by a number of international organisations through exhibitions and awards and his work has been included in the Tassen Museum’s (museum of bags & purses) permanent collection in Amsterdam. Lee Mattocks bags are also available at contemporary craft and design galleries such as the Bluecoat display centre (Liverpool)

Through innovating with materials and technologies, Lee creates pieces that are competitively priced when compared to mass produced alternatives on the high street.  Quality fittings and fixtures are sourced from the EU to finish each piece. Italian hardware is used mostly across the majority of Lee Mattocks bags and accessories. This is sourced here due to the overall quality of the metalwork and also for the longevity of use and transparency of manufacture.