Limited edition Saddle Bag (Black)

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Please allow 14 days for us to make your order. Everything we do is made by hand and to the highest standard. When you wear one of our limited edition bags you will get stopped a lot by people asking "where did you get that bag" due to their unique style and quality of our leatherwork. Lee Mattocks leather saddle bags have become conversation pieces as well as functional due to our innovative design and attention to detail. We use responsibly sourced leather from the Netherlands that adhere to the strict environmental guidelines of the EU so you can be confident that your bag has been made with respect for people and the environment too.

The quality leather you will feel also has a protective coating that is very difficult to mark or scratch and it is very easy for you to look after your bag with a little wax. The leather is also fine in the rain if you get caught out with your bag due to the hardwearing nature of our quality leather.

The leather saddle bags have one main compartment and also a front pocket entirely made in a unique factory free way using the latest CNC cutting technology. The leather saddlebags are handcrafted in Nottingham by expert leather craftsmen using highest quality Italian hardware and traditional tools. The unique seam design ensures your bag will last a lifetime because its stronger than stitching and also much easier to repair should you have an accident.

Our saddle bags have an adjustable strap to fit all shapes and sizes with a silver buckle and slider and can be as long as 132cm and a wide range of shorter sizes.

The overall measurements of our leather saddle bags are 29cm / 30cm which makes it perfect to use as a general bag for work and pleasure. Water bottles, large purses, ipad's, & items such as small umbrella's will all fit into this size saddle bag so it can be used for general purpose as well as a unique design statement to dress up any garment for those days out or travelling.

All leather saddle bags are de-bossed with our silver/gold logo and entirely finished by hand in our Nottingham studio.